Berrett Hill Modules

This past Saturday, we had a marvellous time at Berret Hill Trains, up in Maryland.  I was the lucky person to have Kevin build a module in front of us as part of his tutorial.

Over a very short couple of hours, he not only showed us how to build a very lightweight and yet sturdy module, but he carefully explained the ‘why’ of each step. I’m sure this will be a tremendous help to all of us that attended when we start building our own modules in the future. If you get a chance to work with Kevin, jump on it.

There were a half-dozen finished and partially-finished modules in the shop area and one caught my eye.

The photos show a pair of modules that will have boards screwed to the end to hold them as a simple box when transporting. They are actually 3D mirror images of each other and fit together for storage or transportation.

I’m also happy to report that not only was I fortunate in getting Geren to show us how to build one of the module kits, but he was kind enough to autograph and number the bottom of my module.

A hearty Thank You to Susan, Kevin and Geren for sharing their knowledge and hospitality!

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