Happy Halloween!

First off, I love Halloween in all of its variations!

Here’s a shot I took awhile back that might put you in the mood.

Secondly, midnight tonight is the start of NaNoWriMo and I’m happy to report that all the preparation for my novel experience is done. Let me explain, if you will.

The novel I’m planning is going to be called Selenaphiles and it will be the second in a science fiction trilogy I’m referring to as the Multiplarity.

The system that I’ve found works for me is to have two files open while writing. One file is the actual Work in Progress (WiP) and the other is a WiP_Notes document. The notes are gathered over a period of time and contain a character profile list as well as links to web pages with relevant research information and images to help me visualise locations and objects.

The image above is an example of a public-domain file from NASA/JPL that I’m using to develop some of the locations in Selenaphiles.

The note file proves its worth when I actually start writing the story in that I don’t have to try to generate character names and locations on-the-fly. That sort of thing can prove a terrible distraction when you just need to get the story told.

Like its predecessor, Selenaphiles is going to have a lot of characters and some memorable action sequences. I’ll be sharing some of them both here and on my NaNoWriMo page, so stick around, enjoy the ride and feel free to ask questions.

And before I forget, a Blessed Samhain to all!

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