Scale Models

You will find on this page, some images of card stock models. Some of the kits are free, some are economical and some are just for show-and-tell.

The latest build is a very small and simple cabin. This would be good for someone who just wants to see how it works.

If you’d like to try your hand at it, click on the following image, then download and print on plain, white cardstock.

I’ve also included a section on recommended tools.

Here’s an O scale twenty-foot container. It has no printing on the sides so that you can print your own advertising markings to make it any real or fictitious brand you wish.

In case you’re wondering why the twenty-foot version, I’ve seen prototype photos from many two-foot and three-foot gauge railroads around the world that are moving such containers on flat cars instead of using boxcars.

The first major project is called Terry’s Tavern and it will include some interior detailing.

This is the first image from the prototype build.

This is the list of my project pages:

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