Terry’s Tavern

Terry’s Tavern is an O-scale (1/48th) model that fits into almost any era in the twentieth and twenty first centuries.

I’ll be posting regular update and my readers will be the first to see the finished project and to have a chance to purchase their own kit.


I’ve started work on what I hope will be my final build this week. The process is slowed somewhat due to the fact I’m taking lots of photos of the process to include in the instruction manual. Here’s one example:



Here’s what the first build of Terry’s Tavern looks like.

The bike and the wooden dowels supporting the awning are the only items not created on my ink-jet printer, using Epson matte photo paper.

Questions, comments and critiques are welcome.

5 thoughts on “Terry’s Tavern

    1. Thanks! Glad you like it.
      To answer your questions, no. All of the siding is from brick and rock photos I’ve taken myself. I am accumulating a lot of ‘texture’ shots to use for the models.
      In Inkscape, it is very easy to import a texture as a graphic file, then convert it to a fill pattern that you can use to color an object.

    1. I just retired and moved to Florida. As soon as the remodel on the olde homestead is done, I expect to have time to finish the instructions for Terry’s Tavern. I’ll notify everyone that has expressed an interest at that time.
      I’m also going to do another build and get more photos.

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