Timonium Summer Show

My wife and I spent some time at the Great Scale Model Train show up in Timonium, Maryland on Saturday. As usual, we had a chance to catch up with Geren and Kevin and ogle the incredible craftsmanship scattered around the show. Here’s a couple of images from the MADmodules On30 setup.

Old Places

I just put together a collection of a few of my images of Old Places that I took last year. Rather than upload one at a time, they are in a gallery and here is the link. Comments and questions are always welcome. Please keep in mind these images are all copyright, 2010 by E.C. … More Old Places

Spring Flowers!

Here are a few pictures I took this week. This first one is of a dogwood hybrid that is near our town house. This next shot is of a wild dogwood I found in a friend’s backyard. And here’s a shot looking up the walkway in front of our town house. Yepper! Spring has sprung!

April in Timonium

I spent the weekend up at the Great Scale Model RR Show in Timonium, MD. The MADmodules group pitched in to help setup Kevin Hunters Berrett Hill set of On30 modules. The NC Sippin’ and Switchin’ Society and the Ohio Sippin’ and Switchin’ Society set up an incredible series of HO modules that covered and … More April in Timonium

Swampside Photos

I took some photos while meeting some friends in the Highlands Hammock State Park and thought I would share a couple with y’all. A lovely canopy of green and blue is perfect for an afternoon snooze!

Florida Pix

I’ve been busy the last few days, but have managed to take more than two hundred photos. Here’s a few of them: Mr. Gator is about four foot long and sunning himself on the opposite bank of an irrigation canal that runs through some orange groves. This is Mr. Gator’s distant cousin… This is a … More Florida Pix