The items on this page are free for the downloading. Please keep in mind that I retain copyrights to each one and do not allow reproduction for commercial purposes. These files are provided only for your own modelling pleasure. I’ve even included a page on Recommended Tools.

In order to download, click each item to view the largest size, then Right-Click and Save-As to download.

Mountain Cabin

The first item is a very simple mountain cabin in “O” (1:48) scale.

Table and Chairs

The next image will produce four postcards on a single 8.5″x11″ sheet of cardstock. Each postcard contains a kit for one table and two chairs in “O” (1:48) scale.

A Basic Twenty Foot Container

This is an unmarked standard international twenty foot long container in 1/48th (O scale). The printout include some of my sample signs that can be glued to the sides of the finished container.

O scale 20' container

This is a VERY simple design and can be used for flat car loads or distressed and left stacked or scattered around any siding or industrial area.

To download, click on the image, display full-size and Save As to your local hard drive.

I’d love to see how you decorate yours and where they are used on your layout.

The Iron Furnace

Right-Click and save the title above for a zip file containing an HO scale model of an iron furnace that is described in more detail on this page.

It can be built as a cutaway 3D display for museums and classroom use or for model railroads or dioramas.

Questions, comments and critiques may be directed to my email: e.c.field [at] gmail [dot] com.

4 thoughts on “Downloads

    1. Hi Scott!
      I just tried all four of the download files on this page and they seem to work fine.
      There is one large zip file or, you may download three separate files.
      I have had some folks complain in the past who where using Internet Explorer. They tried Firefox or Chrome and the problem went away. I’ve not been able to replicate it on this end. If you wish to chat me up on either Google Chat or Yahoo Messenger one evening, I’d be happy to try and assist with troubleshooting it.

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