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Small scale replicas

Spacecraft Design

I just posted a rather long bit on spacecraft design for my new novel. A little side-trip in the development process is drawing my version of a Colonial Landing craft. You can see a more complete description of the process and my drawing here:


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NNGC part II

I just finished working up a gallery of still images and a short video from the National Narrow Gauge Convention.

You can see them on this page. There will be more to come in the near future.

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Incredible Diorama

The video clip on this link is of a 1/48th (O scale) diorama of a old narrow gauge logging rail road built in a swamp. If you love art in miniature, then you need to watch this short clip.

Geoff Nott is a master modeler and I only hope I can learn and apply a few of his techniques.

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The Moose Caboose

Recently, I was griping to a friend about not being able to find a small part for my On30 module. I didn’t want to spend $7.50 on shipping and handling for a $6 part.

He recommended a local hobby shop called The Moose Caboose. It’s located at 1341 West Liberty Road in Sykesville, Maryland. Their phone is 410-795-4610.

I gave them a call and not only did they have the part I needed in stock, but the friendly fellow made a few recommendations that made sense. I gave them my debit card info and it was my parts arrived the day after they shipped. They only charged a couple of bucks for the shipping and handling.

You can be sure I’ll be doing more business with The Moose Caboose in the future. I highly recommend them.

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Timonium Summer Show

My wife and I spent some time at the Great Scale Model Train show up in Timonium, Maryland on Saturday.

As usual, we had a chance to catch up with Geren and Kevin and ogle the incredible craftsmanship scattered around the show.

Here’s a couple of images from the MADmodules On30 setup.

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Incredible Modeling Skills

Scroll down these images and prepare to be awed by this fellow’s modelling skills.

Please note that in the scale he’s working in, the cross-piece of the U-joint is about 1/8″ wide!

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April in Timonium

I spent the weekend up at the Great Scale Model RR Show in Timonium, MD.

The MADmodules group pitched in to help setup Kevin Hunters Berrett Hill set of On30 modules.

The NC Sippin’ and Switchin’ Society and the Ohio Sippin’ and Switchin’ Society set up an incredible series of HO modules that covered and area 260 feet long by 50 foot wide. This included a fantastic replica of a steel mill. The mill modules alone stretched for a combined 45 feet!.More images can be seen at:

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Cardstock Modeling Video

This little clip is an excellent introduction to what can be accomplished with an ink-jet printer and some cardstock.



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Timonium Model Railroad Show

I’m up at The Great Scale Model Train Show up in Timonium, MD this weekend. I’ll have some photos to share when it’s over, but I must say, there are some impressive models on display and for sale.

As usual, I’m working with the rest of the MADmodules ON30 gang. If you’re in the area, please stop by and say “Hi!”.

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Model Railroad Joke

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